Finding Peace in Rain



The rain today was gregarious

Thunderstorm was more of its trait

Amidst the dark the lightening strikes

For eyes so eager like mine to shut in fear


I watch a little frightened

It was not going to lessen in voracity

Some parts where darkness washes over

You see strains of lashing rain on window sills

carving a niche on dilapidated boards

and falling mercilessly on grounds that are tiled


Its after the storm that you feel content

The rain was now lost to another terrain perhaps

Washed out all the grime and troubled spot it did

As it unleashed the trapped leaves

from drains congested.


The air was cleaned and smelled of freshness

I looked out my window feeling a little light

There was a sense of absolute peace in my heart

Maybe it was the rain that played a part.


all rights reserved. copyright@shobana2017




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