Human machines



/ Chains

Invisable chains 

I can feel the handcuffs

I can't stand cuffs 

RFID chip trying to implant us 

Invisible chains 

Tied up in handcuffs

RFID chip 

Fitted for people 

Systematically  on drugs 

Can't you hear your subconscious 

Talking to you for the longest 

Length of time 

You have to listen its all in the mind

There's something in you 

You have to find 


Only you can do it 

Your one of a kind 

Being born on arrival

Is perfectly timed 

A human is a art form

Collage of individual design 

I believe mother nature

But I can't call for god

Because there is no operator

I can't get through with or without 

A translater

Jesus was murdered 

No crime scene or  investigator

Did Jesus speak my language 

Or would I need an interpreter 

Virtual world 

With a daily routine 

Welcome to the life of a human being 

Technical system 

Advancing people 

Into human machines 

Freedom is further away than it seems 


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