Sometimes I find you measurable



When life suddenly turns hard like a....

At a glimpse of fate, when luck was untrue…..

a vague memory of a dwindling few, time will collapse but won’t rewind….

a predefined memory of what all we find…

why did I begin to revise the end…….

when good and bad is just a blend!

Emotions struck like an empty hit…..

belief in your soul….is it just a myth…?

Not once again…but  I had to choose,

a little more steep, a little more to weep

but then again I began all over, like a fresh new leaf.

Head over heels….my heart spilt over the aisle,

the grimace of being left had never been felt all this while!

Woke up in the morning….to accompany my pain……

the mark only showed another new stain…


Scowling over my grief

I went gripping to catch myself,

beneath the golden gate I found no help!

How accustomed was I to fall flat on the floor

promising myself to open a new door,

see…….this time it had no bound and I was caught measuring my stake….

life again proved to be just a rusty game to make and break!


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