Two Directions by Tegan Habeb




                                                                                Two Directions


In life we choose where we want to be.

There are two directions we can choose to go.


The first direction at first sight seems best but travel this way and you will see

This direction will lead you to riches and wordly happiness.


It is an easy road with no bumps or curves.

However, this is not the best way to go,


You may have the world's best possessions among other things

However the end of this path will make you regret your choice.


This path may seem best

But in the end you will regret your choice


This path may seem best

But in the end you will lose all your wordly riches.


You will never get a day of rest.

You will have eternal torment and suffering.


You will not be allowed to leave

Even if you want to.


You will forever ask yourself:

"Why did I take the easy road?"

It may have been easy for awhile

But in the end you will see

This path wasn't what it appeared to be.


The second direction will lead to eternal peace and happiness

And it will never cease,


The second direction leads to a mountain

A tall mountain to climb.

It is very rocky.

At times you may slip a little

But you will not fall.

Just keep hanging on.


It may seem rough to climb up the mountain.

You may not have everything you want on this climb.

You may not have all the wordly desires and money you seek.

Do not let this make your climb up it weak.


You will however have everything you need.

It will be provided.

Don't give up, you will see.


Up this mountain you is where you want to be.

You may slip at times.

You may run into a lot of thorns and thistles on your way.


Once you climb the top of the mountain

You will see this was the best direction to take.

It is a way you will not want to forsake.


At the top of the mountain,

There will be happiness you cannot comprehend.

The streets will be paved with gold.

Eternal happiness will never end.


I choose the latter direction.

I choose to climb up the top of the mountain no matter how long it takes.


Even if I don't get everything I want, I will be content

As long as I have what I need.


No matter how many thorns I hit.

I know the end will be brightly lit.


No matter how many times I fall, I will keep getting back up.


I know the latter direction is better than the former

I would rather travel a rough and bumpy direction

and have a great, happy ending.


Instead of taking the easy way, having everything I want

And end up regretting it later.


Everyone has a right to choose their direction.


What will you choose?

Pick carefully,

You do not want to lose.


Don't wait until it is too late.

Eternity is too long to be wrong.

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