Mermaid mirth made.



Just can't get enough of these sweet swimmers!

 A magnificent mermaid meandered and met

with a catfish who stayed sequestered and set.

She swISHed and he SpLaShEd! in his home rivulet

where they languished in splendor from morn 'til sunset.


 The trees were all pleased that this mystic starlet

had managed to squeeze through this fish's tight net.

The animals had teased of a "Piscean Duet",

and the sky and the breeze haven't ceased dancing yet...


 A whole woods to wander as fonder they'd get.

Not a moment was squandered, yon and yonder they'd jet.

Each second so pleasant, yet the end they'd regret... he woke with a choke on a sea foam bubblette.  




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