Sex Bots



Who's the mystery guy following me on Twitter?

On the web, my followers are growing
With every tweet and post, these seeds I’m sowing
Every day, it gives me pleasure to see
How many more people are interested in me
Just moments ago, “Loverboy” joined the club
Of fans who like me — they can’t get enough
Imagine a time when my base gets so large
I’ll be known online for the biggest entourage
But wait a minute, I don’t understand
I open the profile, and instead of a man
A series of statements that don’t make sense
Loverboy cranks them out. What’s the intent?
Links entice me to go where the pictures are racy
Let us be candid — they’re downright nasty
Humans created these sex bots that mimic
Posing as persons to bait us for clicks
Delete would be easy, but I take a step further
To my purpose, you’ll now serve as a worker
I turn you into what I desire you to be
Bent to my will inside my poetry.


© 2016 Valencia P.

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