Kaleidoscope Dreams



A poem about honor, integrity and truth.

Kaleidoscope dreams flash in my mind

Bright days, dark nights spin and merge

Confusion rings heavy, loud in my ears

Colors slide and bleed from pane to pane

Whispered promises, eyes filled with tears

It is all the childish illusion of trusted hope

The unhindered imagination so pure and free

No longer the age, time of integrity or honor

Soft words are used as empty vessels to steal

Laid to bare the rawness of those who kneel

Rare are those souls with integrity held

The binding of a word, never to rend asunder

Holding the innocence of shameless wonder

Colors, shapes and images begin to merge

The shattering of long held dreams to learn

Entering the fray the heart must be guarded

Darkness hides, smiles, watching me burn

Kaleidoscope dreams flash in my mind

Out of the darkness, I am no longer blind

Honed and edged with sharpness of soul

Seeing truth and light before me unfold

Understanding the age is within, not without

Long lost days, gone the stupidity of my youth

Being one from the old way, remain in truth

Turning once again on the battlefield of life

The depths of the sea and the mountain heights

Leaving behind those who are of no measure

Within me lies the truth, a beautiful treasure

I will not conform, becoming one of many

Kaleidoscope of facets and colors I will be

Unique to this plane, there is only one me

Beautiful warrior of honor, lover of peace

True to myself, my soul, integrity I will keep


                                                 Adedrizils-Shrine | Source

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