The Huntress



  Sing Mockingbird singScreech into the night the unbearable Truths of my demise Loud for me to hear I have an enemy I see her at a glanceWhen the whiskey has gone And dusted tables Have only deserted bank notes To...


Sing Mockingbird sing
Screech into the night the unbearable 
Truths of my demise
Loud for me to hear 
I have an enemy 
I see her at a glance
When the whiskey has gone 
And dusted tables 
Have only deserted bank notes 
To call friends.
Scream Mockingbird scream 
Blood-coated blades into the darkness
Of the disillusioned tales pulled 
From the past
So my huntress may hear 
Call her by her name so
My weakened bones and 
Cankered skin may know 
Who to blame.
Speak Mockingbird speak 
My truth so I may know 
Which cheek to turn in fair.

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