One Small Photograph



one small photograph

One small photograph changed everything

My perception of life thrown into disarray

Clouding my judgement, testing my sanity

Opening a door that refuses to close

Mists of cynicism fallen by the wayside

Have I traversed into the world of the lunatic?

All because of one small photograph

Those intermittent silences that you don't understand

Periods of disquiet, thoughts reverting

Back to that moment; the click of my camera

I feel my face draining of colour, sickly white

Shock, terror, utter disbelief — stirring nicely

As I stare into the fire, skin cold with dread

One small photograph prematurely greying my hair

Aging me in a matter of seconds

Dark bags under my eyes; sleep impossible

Deathly still expression, oblivious to my whereabouts

All because of one small photograph

I sense your desire; the urge to know

I feel your eyes upon me

Willing me to talk

Willing me to reveal all

Alas, my voice fails me

I'm unable to narrate

You'd think me quite mad

Quell your disappointment

Here... look for yourself

I watch you digest... process

I watch the change in your expression

I watch your skin turn pale

I watch your eyes bulge

I watch your world  transform

Now you see

Now you understand

Now you are like me

Two peas in a pod

You sit by the fire

Gaze lost in the dancing flames

Voice forsaken

Traces of grey running through your hair

You have aged in a matter of seconds

All because of one small photograph

Let's keep it our little secret








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