Let's Drive



In the words of Cheryl Crow..... Life is a winding road ;)

Let's Drive

Highways Byways and Freeways
It doesn't matter to me
Let's drive
It makes you feel so free
And I want you right here with me
Let's drive
beautiful views you can't help but stare
It is a time I would love to share
Let's drive
feel the crisp breezy blowing in your hair
take time to breath in the mountain air
Sea side and oceans views
Life can be just the open road
Asphalt gravel or dirt
doesn't matter the terrain
Don't even mind the rain
Doesn't matter where we go
an open road to roam
some destination unknown
coast to coast
country side or city lights
we can find our way through
with our bright headlights
come on
come on baby
let's drive

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