Joys of Commuting



The experience of riding the train to work

Emphasize the delights, tune out the disdain,

My approach each morning, commuting by train,

Witnessing acts that are both cold and humane,

Uncaffeinated riders fight to stay sane,

At humorless train stops people try in vain,

To push into open cars, escape from the rain,

A conductor is compelled to gently explain,

“No room, no riders, get that into your brain”,

Battling hangover and a persistent pain,

Constant pounding upon both sides of my brain,

A passenger bumps me and my coffee drains,

Down my shirt and tie, leaving a pear shaped stain,

A rider with napkins could help, but refrains,

I want to holler but somehow I restrain,

I want a sympathetic ear so I can complain,

I say words to myself that are mostly profane,

My composure is something I hope to regain,

Boredom strikes when they announce the car is detained,

Interest in smartphones spikes up but then wanes,

Checking their reflection in the windows: the vain,

A man jumps on his cell phone and loudly explains,

That why stress?  There is nothing for him to gain,

I spot a familiar face from work named Wayne,

He’s standing with his frustrated roommate, Elaine,

We chat, discussion neither witty nor urbane,

Reminds me of a book; I forget what it’s named,

We’re moving!  I feel the blood rushing through my veins,

My excitement is something I barely contain.

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