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We swim in a sea of denial, hearts black and shameless

No one responds, no one reflects, all of us seemingly blameless

We walk as cowards, behind thin veils, eyes hungry for more

Grab what we can, sod all the rest, humans the scavenging whore

Animals slaughtered, animals poached, animals boiled alive

Extinguishing species, insufferable agonies, trapped in humanity's hive

I'm abashed, I'm affronted, my thoughts controlled by unshakable guilt

For all the suffering, for all the carnage, in this crazy world we've built

Greed and immorality, our vulgar new gods, the paths we have chosen to tread

A patchwork of flaws, senseless and heinous, our future fills me with dread

Aiming bombs, warmongering crooks, people who rule the globe

Risking everything, the end of all life, new evils they constantly probe

We need to take stock, step on the brakes, stop for a second to think

Money means nothing, riches like cobwebs, when the world teeters on the brink

People are too busy, steeped in apathy, ignoring the troubles we make

We strive to destroy, locusts in the field, always take, take, take

A gathering of clouds, black and deadly, hovering precariously overhead

Yet we refuse to acknowledge, refuse to believe, in a planet silent and dead

Global warming, corrupt rulers, religious fervour, forced integration

The perfect recipe, the ideal components, for total disintegration

The sands of time are running thin, grain after grain falling away

Change must come now, change must occur, if we want to see another day

Think of our children, our children's children, our bloodline, our brood

Starving them of hope, starving them of life, evil overpowering good

We're stuck in a cell, a dying old heart, fluttering as it fights for life

Making crude choices, taking wrong turnings, injecting pure hate, endless strife

Narcissism and gluttony, egos and fame, vying for total attention

Look at me! Please say my name! Anything to get a quick mention

The important things matter no more, insignificant and adrift

People are robots, unable to think, we're nearing a cosmic shift

You may laugh, you may scorn, words that you swat with your hands

Just you wait, soon you will see, dead skies and empty scorched lands


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