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21/10/18 I imagine myself falling through life, as if pulled by gravity, getting perpetually faster with no terminal velocity

We hold hands together,

like clutching at a lifeline...

as we accelerate through time.

Each day quicker than the next,

I dare not blink

for fear I might not see tomorrow coming.

Out of darkness it looms ahead

like a kangaroo appearing


out of fog on a deserted highway...



We s   e


and skiddddddddd...







through your today, through your now...

and we must make it count.

Make a difference to me.

Help me make a difference for you.


Here I am trailing sparks

like a steel rod dragged at speed

over bitumen...

I leave lightning tracks

behind me like fireworks

but my eyes are fixed ever forward

ever onward...

as I face the ever-changing now.


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