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I wrote this piece for the organization To Love And Inspire. I stand firmly behind this organization and everything they hope to accomplish. #SupportThem

It’s not about me,

Words reflected by To Love And Inspire,

Multiple in need of help,

It’s dyer,


Maybe we can support one more organization,

And heal a soul,

Maybe we support one more global initiative,

And save another little one,

Left in the world,

In the cold,


Who questioned life,

Because there was no hope,

And got no answers,

And only your donations,

Could help them cope,


You never realize how far a dollar can go,

Until you not in a developed nation,

Then money becomes more than a show,


To Love and Inspire, Is solely all we need,

Together we can birth a nation,

Where together,

Every nation can succeed,


This is a call to action,

To anyone who believes,

That your life is important,

For the next person to succeed,


Basic necessities stripped,

Social issues equivalent,

To drastic civil unrest,


Test the purity in your heart,

Can you not help the younger generation,

And not be scarred?

By the fact that avoided the charge,

A future of a younger person,

Is your palms,

Will you help the movement or be the reason,

Other children couldn’t come,


As far as they wanted to be,

Believe thoroughly,

Without social issues,

Strangling thee,

Life out of what they wanted to be,



Kids not have a chance,

Not helping parents who physically can’t,

Help their kids,

Dreams become enhance,

Don’t avoid the problem,



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