Trees no matter what shape, color, variety or size are our source of life due to its nature in enriching us with oxygen. I just want to give back to the trees. This is for them.


Under a Willow Tree I sit and ponder

what would life be like if I was only yonder

Could I be as curious as the wind as it howls upon the thrush 

Could I dance like rose petals like light strokes of a paint brush

Do I continue to sit and only think 

or should I take action and move life flashes by in a blink 

Death hollows from below but it absorbs seconds, minutes, hours and days 

Life and Death are just the beginning of our spiritual phase 


Under an oak tree I stand and wrestle myself

Absorbing the surroundings and dancing like a christmas elf 

My arms are tied in knots and my legs are like jello 

My consciousness might turn bright yellow 

Like a sponge I will absorb and wring myself out 

I will return to the dust from which I was sprout 

But until such time draws near I still produce breath 

I will continue to exist until I approach my death 


On top of a palm tree I dance among coconuts 

Milk and honey flow like a river of antique straw huts 

I float among the pressure of gravity and...

I am in awe of natures natural vanity 


Below the maple tree I tap into the roots

intertwined in its foundation I have managed to lose my boots 

Continue to search for my lost lonely friends 

Who seem to be lost in the earth’s natural dividend 


Spruce and wintergreen I have found to be quite sturdy 

Though Christmas Frasers seem to always be dirty 

High in demand and supply they are cut down like turkeys on thanksgiving 

To bad we can’t eat a tree what an absurdity. 


I continue to Willow upon oak, maple and palm 

I eat from the fruit trees and make my own natural sap lip balm 

Though I don’t own them, they are not my possession 

They are natures sturdy creatures that offer all protection. 

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