I observe whatever time takes it never returns. There is never a time like now to seek your harvest! are these verses about life's long journey or all about the love of my life?




Robbed my hands against clay lobes, heavy in your presence,

Seeking that wisdom that appears to evade me, often lately,

It swirls about, shares a moment and then poof! It disappears,

Phew! Where has that time gone, carried away with my youth?


The seasons never warned me, they came promising to return,

Indeed they did return, but a layer of grey they added,

Taken, were some good memories, leaving a receding hairline,

Is that supposed to be a fair exchange for wisdom, I seek?


I reasoned to gain perspective with the clouds above it,

All colors were present in each season, as far as I could tell,

Something must be there that marks a difference, I ponder,

Could it be its patterns and speed heading east?


I observe, whatever time takes it never returns,

It allows speedy hurts and watch slow healing,

It never gives of its power, it always takes what you left of yours,

Why control the outset of the powerful sun and replace it by a half moon?


Time makes friends with the diligent, working his clock quicker,

Struggles at dawn, shocks the midday but strengths arrival of dusk,

Gladdening his heart on completion of task and sweetening his sleep,

Why do you refund his seeds with merry fruits and, abundantly splash juices upon his table?


Amazing! You start short hand count with joy, for a new born with smiles,

Stretching the long hands, while I spend time dreaming in my teens,

Winding the clock faster, when the middle age is wearied with lost causes,

Hopefully without regret, when finally you take the lamp with you when I am old?



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