Sweetheart You're In For a Show



This poem was written 12/13/2012 and I had previously posted it to poetry soup. I was 19 when I wrote this. It's a Lyric Poem/ Song. This poem did well on that site with 1,187 views and many gracious and enthusiastic comments. I hope you enjoy it!

You aren’t worthy of the gum on his shoes sweetheart
You think you’re good enough to rip out his heart and walk?

Well honey I’ve got news for you
If that’s what you plan to put him through
Sweetheart you’re in for a show cause

I’d walk through fire to keep him safe
I’d cut you up and throw you away

You think you can just get away?
Well, you can get away now
So start walking...

I’ve got to say you’ve got guts to run this prank
I must admit you’ve got some nerve you dirty little skank

If you think you can just get away, well baby you’ve thought wrong
Cause sweetie I’m not afraid to get you, and Honey it won’t be long

I’ll hunt you down you just wait and see
So I’d be careful if you were me

I’m not the least interested about your past life
I’m not much concerned about your trouble or strife

Sleep with one eye open sneaky little vulture
Because I’m prepared to take you down despite your culture

You say it’s wrong? Well I say it’s right
You think you can turn away, well I say, "come on let’s fight"

Now that you’ve shown your true colors
I have this aching strong urge

To knock you off your throne
And maybe break a couple bones

But I know you’re master’s calling
The one below that’s red and crawling

Better luck next time unfaithful thief
I think it’s best before this gets ugly you leave

I don’t want to have to hurt you but I will if I must
Every glance from you to him to me I wholly distrust

I see right through those cold eyes
The fake smiles disguise your lies

But honey I’m no fool
And I’m coming for you too

If you don’t leave while you still have the chance
You might end up in losing in this death dance

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