Girlfriend or a girl who is my friend ( which one are you )



That awkward moment when you're asked to define your relationship and choose to deny your true feelings in fear of criticism

You sitting there in all your glory 

One leg crossed over the other 

Displaying the most golden glowing creamy brown thighs that left me in rapture each time I saw them 

And that gorgeous gurgling bubble blast of laughter 

That fills me with such delight, desire and euphoria 

Can't stop craving you 

Wishing I could keep your attention 

Willing to leap to your defence whenever anyone disses you or dismisses your intelligence 

You are the secret everyone knows about 

But I know just how many moves i can make with all those pairs of eyes watching our every step 

Did I read you wrong 

Do you get as hot and heavy over me as I do over you 

In your bed tossing and turning thinking of all the naughty and nice things we could do if only nobody else was looking at us

I won't make a fuss if your eyes drift over to the other side of the room when I'm attempting to have a private discussion with you but my words fall on ears not deaf but temporarily otherwise engaged

As i am but turn the page of history forward a few years and you might find your face in place of hers in our wedding invitations 

I think of you my precious jewel 

Whatever did i do to deserve you 

I wish your arms were like a necklace 

Wrapped around my waist forever and always 

It hurts more intensely with a searing heat

When I have to take an elevator heading out into the street 

Thoughts of you increase with every day my sweetness

I can't imagine a world in which you didn't exist 

Hard to believe i ever lived before I met you 

Feels like you revived my dead bones with the gentle feathery touch of your fingers against mine 

Like a brush of angels wings caressing my skin

It's not a sin to love you like i do

If I crossed the line surely you would stick your hands on your hips and demand that I proceed no further 

Nothing can kill this fervor for your body and soul burning like a strong fire in me

Must i die without knowing the intoxicating flavor of your coconut kisses on my tongue divine darling 

They say let love sleep til the perfect time for its awakening 

It's possible i rushed in too fast 

Or maybe you were never mine to have 

I don't take from you without asking 

I demand nothing of you i just want your company 

I'm willing to pay for the privilege to keep that smile glued to your face 

I get why you inherited your mums disposition of wariness around men

Yet you weren't scared to reveal your deep and tender heart to me 

For a church we were in heaven then pulled away from our beautiful bubble 

Where all that was or ever will be 

Was simply us and this magical moonlit moment 

Why does experiencing your quiet side

Make me long all the more desperately for your feisty fighting spirit 

They look at us and they see trouble brewing 

They just have problems with the lens they're viewing us through 

They can't see age matters less than you in that bodacious dress tugging at my heart strings 

My life was a mess before I met you my heavenly scented cherubim 

Can we just gaze into each other's eyes forever 

I will endeavor to keep you chuckling 

Buckle your seat belt baby cakes I'm going to take you for the ride of your life while both of us remain wide awake 

It's not easy seeing you looking so cute and not being able to plant a sloppy wet one on your juicy lips when you pucker up

I'm all tuckered out

I talk too much like a teacher but I want to be a prudent student of each detail of your fascinating existence my star spangled rainbow trout

I love your snout and each syllable you spout keeps me hanging on dreaming of us going out

Further than the gate of the schoolyard doubling as our church 

If you choose me tasty peach i won't leave you in the lurch 

Or besmirch your reputation in the slightest 

I know you think you have to keep me at arms length 

I wish it wasn't like this 

I'd like nothing better than to cuddle you close in front of everyone 

That's why you can't laugh and giggle with me

And I only get to tickle you from head to toe in my dreams 

I'm such a fickle pickle but I imitate the cat that licked the cream whenever I'm around you dearest darling 

Maybe once you knew i was yours and there's no competition for my heart you didn't want to have anything to do with me 

You don't initiate every time we conversate

Yet i still think we slip so easily into the majestic realm of our own private sanctuary 

The less i try to impress you 

The less depressed i get when I fall short of your super high standard 

What can you do to win the heart of a princess 

When you're practically a pauper and she's so costly and priceless 

I would give a years wages just to claim one date with her 

Whether or not her hot lips and curvy hips find their way to our honeymoon pillow 

I still weep thinking of all the decades i wasted 

Chasing after stars that glitter bright then fade from view

But all of them were leading me to dazzling wonderful you 

Weren't they my little glamorous scene stealing showpony my steadfast only true love 


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