The Noise Part 2



This is a sequel to my poem The Noise. Sort of...

It was the midnight hour

And I couldn't sleep

I had this funny feeling

That was way down deep


That someone was watching 

Every move I make

I couldn't shake this feeling

Why not? For Christ's sake


I looked out my window

And couldn't see a thing

But God only knows

What the night can bring


I opened my door

The night was so cold

I tried to calm down

I tried to be bold


The night is so haunting

And full of despair

Sometimes I felt like 

I was gasping for air


I really could not see

Anyone in sight

But it's so hard to tell

In the blackness of night


I closed my door tight

Then I spun around

Did I just hear something?

Did something make a sound?


I needed a drink

To try and unwind

Something is telling me

It's all in my mind


Then it happened again

The sound I heard before

I started to tremble

I was nervous even more


It sounded like scratching

From the upstairs floor

I didn't know what to do

I was scared to the core


The scratching continued

More intense this time

My mind started to race

As the stairs, I did climb


As I got to the top

The lights went out

Something was here

There was no doubt


I squinted in the dark

But I couldn't see

I felt along the walls

How could this be?


Then I heard it again

That scratching sound

Was it behind me?

I had to turn around


And there it was

In the darkness so clear

A pair of yellow eyes

I was frozen with fear


I was gripped with terror

If truth be told

As this thing glared at me

My blood ran cold


The eyes moved closer

And I tried to run

But I couldn't move

This was not fun


Before I knew it

I was face to face

With this thing in the darkness

My heart, it did race


It opened it's mouth

I could see its jaws

And on my ribs

I felt it's claws


It's teeth were sharp

As they pierced my throat

The beast clamped down

And that was all she wrote


I never ever thought

About dying or death

As I let out a gasp

With my last dying breath


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