More Mouth Than a Mollusk in the Mud



From: "Five Score More Tales of Lore from Offshore with Mythic Fish Mischief Galore". (unpublished)

"Aroma and levity!", this pernicious cat barks.

Sea foam and brevity in my fishy snarks.

I comb the seas spilling krill-killing remarks,

and poems so thrilling, I'm repelling these sharks.


Maybe you've noticed, I like to rhyme,

and my antics and mind divine maritime.

But left dead and unread, they aren't worth words to a mime.

In the end it's you, friend, that's been slimed by my crime.


When my soul is expansive, I troll unconfined.

Patrolling the banks, opened wide, mouth and mind.

On your pics and written wit, my dining's inclined,

then swiftly flit to consider it and spit what I've refined.





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