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All about life

Life is an experiment,

Wake up and see what you can explore,

Different avenues regarding food, way of life,

Activity and individuals you connect with,

And  how they affect you,

Methods for reflection and self-change,

And  for feeling satisfaction,

When everything appears to be falling apart around you.

It's all an experiment.

Today I woke up very early,

Went out by the garden in dark and breathed,

The  freshness of atmosphere around.

It would  make my day begin off better, more inventive, thus.

Develop and support the inclination.

You are the scientist and explorer of the life around you.

Regardless of the fact that it feels fake at first.

 Truly imagine it.

Your life is the research center.

The life  of the whole universe.

Realize what you can. Study it. Experiment it

Also, you get yourself excessively ingested in any one result,

Step back and say  "This is an experiment"

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