Black and White



This is actually my first attempt at writing poetry, so sorry if it sucks. This is based on a rather tough period in my life from which I am still recovering. It's a bit cliché, but this is a poem about living with anxiety and depression.

Black and white and rightly back,

Never been more sure than that,

When one is one and two’s another,

And that’s all we can see.


Black and grey and red above,

There’s nothing to fear, my love,

It’s coming close, but we’ll hold it back,

But no, it doesn’t seem.


Brown and blue and jagged ends,

What he breaks, he never mends,

Inside a storm, inside your mind,

Down, and down, and down.


Dark and light, black and blue,

Look at what you’ve done to you,

Inside down and upside out,

Is this a means to an end?


Green and blue, and bursts of sun,

Doesn’t start, but means to go on,

Lifting, rising, almost there,

I’m not, but then I am.


Black and white and rightly back,

Really am quite sure of that,

One is one and two’s another,

But then it starts again.

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