Art piece



8/5/2017 Prose about being artistic and an artist's responsibility and honour in their work

These are our brothers and sisters,

our predecessors and our progeny,

and we entrust them with our geas

to carry on with our life's work

of colourfully animating our reality

filtered through their artistic eyes...


...and then they do this.


They drop the





They skid and thud

when they should swing and kick.


These colours, those steps,

that word in just the right place.


This is how we do it, kids.

We fly through our own skies,

painted purple and full of fancies.


We paint with notes

and sing our lines...


Each step is created off the cuff,

from the heart.

Inspiration thrown like sparks

off a grinding wheel,

catching fire with every contact.


Each and every creation is a creature

with its own life,

infused with a piece of our soul

sent out into the universe

to inspire and inform.


A dancer wheeling and turning...


...just so.




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