Whole worlds in eight minutes



29/10/16 I put myself under pressure, against a timer, and came in well under the mark

Eight minutes to create something beautiful...

So many possibilities.

Conception, for some its the work of an instant.

Those lucky few.

IVF, well, that's a different matter.

Maybe, just maybe, I can arrange these words,

line them up just so...

and they will paint their colours across the skies of your mind.

Like contrails...

These sparing thoughts,

quiet but screaming,

singing and dancing.

Maybe they will reach out their wonder to you,

touch you gently and warmly,

like mother's love.

Maybe you will feel safe and appreciated and known

in all the ways you would like to be.

Maybe this moment will stay with you forever,

as it does for me.

Maybe your lips on my cheek

will mark my soul

in ways unseen,

but be felt for eternity.


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