Love me or hate me



When people can't forget your past.

I am done apologising for who I am
Love me or hate me I don't give a damn.
But I hate that you show me absolutely no respect
For changing the parts of me you couldn't forgive or forget.
If not than you’d better fear me

I am done saying sorry for the mistakes of my past
How long will you remind me, how long will this last?

The respect you give me is so minimal
You view me as some sort of criminal.
even if I were in jail for whatever reason be
Would you feel no love ? I'd still be your family.

I want to be good but you are making me bad
I swear you’ll regret this and I too will be sad
Nostalgia and tears will come every night
Then morning arrives and I'll look for a fight.

I know my worth, Ive confessed every sin
I acted out because of the position I was in.
How would you like to be beaten by a man
For no reason other than he knew that he "can"?

I know right now, I have nothing to loose
I lost all your love so now I must choose
To bury the pain, set a goal and an aim.

Please know I love you without condition
I forgave you before you chose not listen
I am desperately alone and so empty and sad,
Why give up on me now when I'm trying so bad
To regain the life I know that I should have had.

But if you push me too far, you'll regret your decision
I've become someone I hate why am I in this position?
If I could take it all back, now I wouldn't
I gave as good as I got, not particularly prudent!!!

But no matter what you think or say
It's made me who I am today

But you gave me the childhood I'll never forget
The travels, my siblings our balance was perfect.
So I am sorry for everything I have ever done
I never thought my actions would affect anyone

I still have that relentless yet comforting ray
of hope that we will restore our bond one day.
I know I still have work I must do
To regain your trust, I owe it to you.

So just you wait, I'll shake off my hate and one day you'll see,
greatness in me.
I'll make it a surprise,
So when you look in my eyes,
You'll love the me you recognise.




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