Another poem about depression and the battle that a lot of us face on a day to day basis.

Can't help the feelings

That are inside my head

There are some days

I wish I was dead


Can't stop the demons

That battle inside

Sometimes they take me

For one hell of a ride


Which wolf do I feed

The good or the bad

These are some of the worst feelings

That I have ever had


I am only happy

On days when there is rain

So no one can see

These tears of pain


Some days are good

But they are very few

Most days I want to give up

And start my life anew


My head is full of darkness

I don't know where to turn

When all I feel is hatred

I just want to crash and burn


I don't like feeling like this

So full of loneliness and despair

Like I'm sinking in the sea

And gasping for air


People like to judge

And say hurtful things

These people don't know me

Or my inner feelings


When the darkness surrounds me

I search for the light

I can't give up now

Not without a fight


The darkness is strong

It pulls at my soul

Dragging me down deep

Into a gaping big hole


I'm going deeper and deeper

Into this void of despair

I can't fight anymore

But I don't really care


The darkness has won

You won't hear me anymore

I'm putting down my pen

And closing the door 


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