Dead Quiet



a moment of hush

I stroll through a cemetery of antiquity

Rows and rows of fragile headstones

Tilted at angles, engravings faded

Angels of stone, eternal prayers

Silent lament for the resting flock

There is peace here

So many lives, so many stories

From days long since gone

People largely forgotten

History standing still

I feel a stirring of poignancy

A moment of nostalgia

I've come here to gather my thoughts

To help clear away the cobwebs

Free my mind of the bleakness

To reflect, to meditate

A solitary bird sits on a branch

Of an ancient oak tree

Singing a delightful song

Entertaining the dead

A duet with the mellifluous sighing of the wind

The sky is leaden and heavy

Black and bruised clouds

Gothic beauty

A derelict church watches me

Walls crumbling, spire looming

Pious soul roaming the grounds

Protecting this most sanctified earth

A spot of rain kisses my face

I look up and breathe in the moist air

I feel so at home here

There is no hate

You are never judged

The residents are all equal

I've come to the conclusion

Death isn't so bad after all





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