Walk away in peace from Home Britain.....



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Best way is not to hold , let the beloved be free,there isn't as lovely a gift as freedom to give to a family member,when they think they can be more wealthy by leaving home,and by not helping needy,Let them go in peace,as those are rich today will become poor and poor will be rich-its temporary-

Thank you

for being in family

You were 

One among rich

One with big friends

and one with great 'past'

Its so natural that you decided to leave..

These are the ways of world 


So walk away in peace

From the family

Which was always a dream

as all come and go alone from world


Walk away to your pride of being 'better'without family

Walk away with  gratitude from family

Walk away from reality that we are only 'safe' when we are united

Walk away from reality that wealth or power are two 'bitches' who never lived with ONE

Walk away from reality that it is dangerous to be selfish and safe to share 'bread' with family

Walk away with History that KINGS & QUEENS & ROYALS become jokers in wind of TIME


Walk away with your 'false pride' and 'desire' to be Supreme

Walk away to faded glory of PAST

Walk away from fact that world has already become a FAMILY

Walk away in peace

You are leaving the 'House'

Try not to forget 'Home'

As Home is the place

Where All Birds are needed to come

Flying whole day to SKY and coming back to realization

That there is no place like HOME

And nothing more Safe

than Family...

So Walk away now

So that you may come back

More Mature and More Human next time...

So walk away in peace.....


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