Before We Knew the Difference Between Boys and Girls



Sincerity in Childhood.

Playing and fun were on our list of things to do for the day.
You had your long johns, galoshes, and ribbons in your hair,
and I had my checkered shorts that were okay to get dirty.

We sat on that bench in your
Grandma’s garden
After you had scraped your knee
That was when I made you laugh to forget your pain,
and I picked you a flower.
You then promised never to forget us as friends.
Because I was so nice
you whispered a secret in my ear,
and we traded secrets all afternoon
And when it rained we didn’t care. We stuck out our tongues and tried to catch the drops,
and giggled when they hit us.
Then we
Splashed through the Puddles…

It was nice to have a Love like you

before we knew the Difference
                         Between Boys and Girls.

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