when ideas creep out from under the bed as we are trying to fall asleep...

Perpetual muses
Cycling round my soul
Winding it up, “let’s go!”
They say…
My soul’s their May Pole
Dancing round, they go
Tying it up with ribbon
I’m bound…
By obligation or thought
No shoulds or shoulds not
This dreary mid-night session
Thought I’d taken my lesson
With a grain of salt
More like a pound
Cause this salty beast is rabid
To put these thoughts down
Whether keyboard or pen
Or on screen or paper
I’m taken over by muses
One after  the other
Can’t stop, don’t want to
Must do what I gotta do
Gotta get it all down
Before the train leaves town
Shortened thoughts, scenes, or actions
Gives me no satisfaction
It must be every tiny detail
Every livid curtail
Everything must go
Onto the piece
Or else I will never
Obtain my sleep.

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