...and then.



This is the silenceAfter the bomb has been dropped.Before it explodes,In those last few seconds of innocenceBetween fate and eternity. This is the smothering voidleft when the speakers stopAnd the dancers stillAnd all the marionettes'strings go limp...

This is the silence
After the bomb has been dropped.
Before it explodes,
In those last few seconds of innocence
Between fate and eternity.

This is the smothering void
left when the speakers stop
And the dancers still
And all the marionettes'
strings go limp.

This is the moment your loved one dies
In front of you,
silently going somewhere you can not follow,
Ears deaf to your cries,
Eyes blind to your tears.

This is the second before your baby is born
By your beloved wife,
The head is crowning
and the midwives are asking for one more puuuuSH...
And that tiny face is still unknown, unmapped.

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