Almost Lost



What I must say to my sister Lynn after it took so long to finally find her.

Curse the Rapids which tempt and covet the calm,

     dare raise the jib against wisdom's psalm.


Ire like fire a stone dares skip but twice,

     tempt the speaker's of secrets without being nice.


Never tread lightly the expectations of other's,

     envy is the only sword that slays bad mothers.


Lay waste the roads of their desires,

     cast them far upon the path of liars.


Ignore the briar they lay you in,

     wear with glee their thorns of hypocrisy and sin.


Dance in the silence with hunger and hate,

     ignore the etching they lay deep in the slate.


Bray your life portrayed in their minds,

     dim the glare with no fear what you find.


There is a time to wail against the obdurate fen of our lives,

     there is a time to salvage all that survives.


My sister Lynn, you have survived.


By James R. Cavell


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