Wedding vows/Nina Simone



12/9/16 Two poems

Air and darkness,

water and love,

rage and fire,

teeth and claws.


Which face will I wear today?




Wedding vows


Here is the dirty me,

here is the clean me,

here is the pure unadulterated me,

my self, tied in a bow...

Here is my blood,

here is my cum,

here are my spit, vomit and tears.

Here is my shit,

here is my piss,

here is every thing

I could ever be,

my self, tied in a bow.

For you, my love,

this is me,

tied in a bow.




Nina Simone


Your raw beauty,

like a butcher's knife...

so skilfully wielded,

knowing all the weak points,

all the right places





-through to me.

Smiles, fading...

thoughtful gazes pervading...

her voice, her truth in beauty,

knowing my soul,

singing love and injustice interspersed,

and dancing between them,

graceful as a ballerina, 

as easy as breathing.


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