All about my emotions

It is about my emotions,
My delights, my bliss, and me.
It is about me.
When things have taking note to do with me.
Any choice I make in my life,
Anything I do should give back some sort of satisfaction,
Also, joy back to me.

It is about me –
I won't work regularly some other way.
I detest torment and enduring,
The main time I enthusiastically endure it
Point at which I get something back,
That makes me like me.

I am continually thinking,
How to make myself glad.
I attempted to discover,
Backing and sympathy in ways,
I should get them.
Nobody would comprehend my issues,
They confront them themselves.
Nobody can judge me,
They don't know how it is similar to.,
Each and every blunder I have submitted in life,
Has a reason, not a reason, but rather a reason.

The positive things,
That I have found about myself,
And some extremely negative attributes about me.
I consider myself along these lines.
I am not by any means worried,
With what others consider me.

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