The Child Inside



Feeling of the moment.


This my element a celibate fear,

Elegant sentiment of sentient tears.

Knowing the lonely tone of my years,

Moans of the woes readily clear.

I have tasted the wasted moments passed,

Hated my latest hopeless gasp.

A child inside my pride where I hide,

Away from the pain I lived to die.

Why do I try when it never subsides,

False in my smiles inside of my cries.

I give just a bit in hopes I will cope,

A joke as I poke along as I mope.

Only wish to be heard by absurd words,

A curse jeering at the little I'm worth.

Deep down love is all I wish to touch,

I hide in anger using hate as my crutch.

Not enough so I seem to dream a lie,

Screaming at night meaning escapes why.

Tense I am rent half making sense,

Most of my lines are weak sentiments.

I give all I can yet my all seems less,

Like all my rhymes are cursed breath.

All I wanted was to be more than trash,

Now just a ride that is destined to crash.

Giving up to give in I run out of air,

Drowning in a hole dug by despair.

If I pen a letter that might mean a thing,

I know better I am left in a dream.


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