A Sonnet to Boredom



I don't profess it to be a sonnet in the technical sense! I am using a certain amount of poetic licence, you understand...

I sit, but not in quiet contemplation 
My mind too steeped in lethargy for dreams 
All vim and vigour in incarceration 
I look pensive; but it is not as it seems 
I have no thoughts revolving round my brain 
I concentrate my will to stay awake 
Force my eyelids to stay open, but in vain 
And so I fall asleep, for sweet sleep’s sake 
The day to me is dreary and endless 
The prospect of the evening, no allay 
I watch the day pass by me, known, yet friendless 
As is my idle choosing on this day 

A trait in others I have many times abhorred 
I am neither ill nor lonely. I am bored. 

S.P Oldham 

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