Some light, some dark and a lasting love



25/9/16 A few short pieces and a special one for my boys. Poetry set.

The bunnies chase each other,

'round and around they go,

looks like fun, I say to no-one.



I wake well before the sun,

the broadening light creeping slowly

as I bear silent witness to the bird calls.



The freshly wet grass,

rain just gone, slips and squishes underfoot

as the chickens go home.



My spines erect, and I sharpen my claws,

teeth glisten wet in my slavering maw.

I hunger for flesh, may it be yours...

My gaze like knives and my tongue so sharp,

'tis I you should fear, not the wind, nor the dark.



Such tender feelings

of love, warmth and care,

for this little Moo

and that noisy Bear.

My boys and my heart,

tied together with string

maybe, just maybe,

one and the same thing.





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