Take the hook, bite the bait. Buy the book. Why hesitate?



SpLaSh! Grin! and swim, swim...>-=^;>

 An accidental author from these woods and weeds

with a gentle offer of my new books and beads.

Perhaps a bit mental but, they're pretty good reads.

A recluse fish, in general, I share my Natural life deeds.


 I swim with this twinkling, psychotic grin.

At friends, I like sprinkling iambic scribblin'.

A smile while I defile these rhymes with my pen.

Wild eyed and grinning wide, here this fish floats again.


 So I'm a siluriforme, friends make nothing of it.

Also a detritivore and won't fake I'm above it.

More than a bit far from norm but, it's my grins so shove it.

Feeding more from the sea floor cuz' I can and I love it!


I'll miss my Tsweet Tsu! @sebastianarthur "SeabassChen"

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There's more where that came from!