Of Meat and Plants



A contrary view of the Five-A-Day fruit intake bandwagon

Some times I wonder how far

plants are driven to despair

every time they hear

someone sings the virtues

of vegetarianism? Do

they shudder at the prospect

of Asparagus Tart and

clap for Veal Blanquette?


Do plants not cry “Why us?

Do we not bleed, OK sap -

if you must be picky -

or needs life to be alive?”


Still the Five-A-Day  bandwagon

preys on our sensibilities:

the wellbeing that plants,

they say, stamp on our

make-up like chromosomes.


So we grow plants to eat, chop

down or poison, OK murder -

if you must be picky — do

they not have souls to be alive?


Do they not cry “ We’re waiting

for the tide to turn: that day

vegetarians are shunned

for killing and eating us?


No need to be like that, please. Just asking?!

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