Mother Nature



Her view of us

Silent and solemn

I watch you devour my child

My beautiful, innocent baby, unique to the universe

You have no right to do what you are doing

Killing the soul of a most wondrous creation

Do you have any idea how lucky you are?

The rarity of your situation?

Yet you treat everything with utter ignorance



Live for today, sod tomorrow

Ignoring the consequences

Of what will be

You squabble and fight like spoiled little children

Fighting over meaningless things

All in the name of power and greed

And religious jargon

You've contaminated my offspring

The ground teeming with noxious waste

Radiation thriving in the oceans

The air you breathe deprived of purity

Yet you persist

In your quest for self-destruction 

Because that's where you are heading

Total and utter annihilation

You actually think there will be a victor!

Are you all so stupid?

Or has your nature become so anomalous?

Your eccentricities the embodiment of a desperately sick mind

An incurable illness

Aimless goals

A stain on everything sacred

Your actions sadden me

If you don't care

Then why should I?

I have decided

Enough is enough

It is essential that I terminate your tenure

With immediate effect 





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