Hello Everyone! Allow me to share with you, my Pay It Forward Experience! For you to be able to understand, my experience, I would like to give you a quick reminder about the movie that inspired, and encouraged me to do so. ‘Pay It Forw...

Hello Everyone!

Allow me to share with you, my Pay It Forward Experience!

For you to be able to understand, my experience, I would like to give you a quick reminder about the movie that inspired, and encouraged me to do so.

Pay It Forward ’, Stars Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment.




It starts, when an eleven year old boy (Hayle), begins seventh grade, his social studies teacher (Kevin) gives the class an assignment, to devise and put into action a plan that will change the world for better. The boy’s plan is a charitable program based on the networking of good deeds. He calls his plan “Pay it forward”, which means of paying a favor not back, but forward–repaying good deeds with new good deeds done to three new people.

The boy does a favour for three people, asking each of them to “pay the favour forward” by doing favours for three other people, and so on, so it’s along branching tree of good deeds!!

I was just inspired by the movie and the idea itself. So I thought to myself ‘Why not apply this idea? ‘, I actually started to apply it, when my friend and I were walking through Cairo Downtown, in Egypt, passing along Talaat Harb Square. Where we were attracted and stopped by the scenery, of beautifully displayed items and little antiques that were spread on a cloth on the floor, looking further, this man was laying out each small item neatly and delicately.

We started to ask questions on a few of the items he had had laid there, and with all pleasure and excitement, he began answering our questions, and I then asked him a question, which I simply had to ask, quoting “What makes you come here every day, lay out your antiques, and go home and do the same thing again?” he looked at us and smiled with a response, saying “After the Egyptian Revolution, and after participating in it, I was inspired. I left my work back home in Nuba, and decided to show and share the Nubian and Egyptian culture, by taking it to the streets.I come here, and display my antiques to be sold, so people can have a taste of all of the 7 arts; from music, to puppet shows, drawing and history discussions, spreading my message with fun”.





Mind you, I was impressed, and could see why! He had a message to send out and it was via the streets.

From that day, I decide that he would be my first person to help, in the ‘Pay it forward’ experiment. So every week, we would go and take a few photos of this inspiring man known as Khaled Bahr.

As we got to know Khaled, he mentioned that he had a dream of making stickers that he would be able to use, to spread his work and message. But due to circumstances, he never managed to accomplish it.

So a light bulb went off in my head, along with a smile of cheekiness and joy! Hehe.
That was it that was the help I could offer him!

I began putting my skills at work, after having a vague idea of his design. I designed for him the look of the sticker, printed it, and made him 600 stickers.

I was so excited; all I could think about were two things; that I had actually accomplished something good that will leave someone happy and motivated, secondly, picturing the reaction on Mr.Khaled’s face!

So, on Tuesday, 10th of April, my friend and I, went to see him, and as we drew closer to Mr.Khaled, she with her camera, ready to capture his reaction, and I with the stickers, he hesitated to take it from me at first. I think he couldn’t or didn’t want to believe what his eyes saw in front of him. Once opening the package, and seeing the stickers, a smile on his face literally reached from one ear to another.




A priceless moment!


Allow me to share with you some photos, of Mr.Khaled’s reaction after receiving the stickers.





After having seeing that and sharing his moment, of a simple dream come true, for a greater good to come out of it! I did tell and explain, to Mr.Khaled the role he had to do now, is to help 3 other people.

I can officially say “Mission 1 accomplished! “ Yay!

(Click the thumbnail image for larger size photo!)

Please continue to read and know more about Mr.Khaled Bahr.

Mr.Khaled Bahr is a passionate Egyptian who loves collecting antiques and old items from homes in Waset El Balad, Downtown that had foreigners once living there from Greeks to Italians, British and some of the richest Egyptians whom while renovating their homes decided to get rid of these old holdings in order to buy other new ones.

As a result of Mr.Khaled being inspired and infatuated by this hobby, which he inherited from his Nubian grandmother, who made him love collecting antiques, he managed to turn his hobby into a job he loves working in, which has made himself a well known unique reputation among the antique collectors, and has pursued it ever since. He tried to offer his presentation of antiques to The Sawy Cultural Wheel, but had no luck in that.

In spite that, he didn’t give up, he kept going, during the 25th January Revolution, Mr.Khaled continuously presented his display of antiques, laying them piece by piece, on a chosen spot in Tahrir Square, that’s nearby his home. He had received a big response and admiration for his display from the people present there during the revolution, who also encouraged him to display the rest of his miniature sized antiques, in Talaat Harab Square, Downtown.
Once thinking of that, he had an idea to take it to the streets; his idea was to spread and prove that the street can be a presentation for antiques and arts, which is also known for ‘Street Art’.

Now as his mission, he gets up every day, packing his antiques, going to his well known spot and place in Talaat Harab Square, Downtown eager and excited to display his antiques and collected items piece by piece, laid out no matter the size or age of the item, making a place for them all, each placed neatly and carefully, to make an end result of a wonderful impressive display, to attract the bystander; those who sneak a glimpse at the display while continuing to walk on by, or to those who stop to watch and buy an item they liked.
Either way, he is thrilled and happy that he has given people a Nubian taste of art as well as other cultures, awaiting each day, an adventure of meeting new faces and people to explain to them the history of each antique. He also displays live shows of puppets and played music.

I myself have personally bought so far from his delicately laid out display, an old antique Zippo lighter with a coin like dragon picture sealed on it.

Mr.Khaled’s mission and message he is sending out through his street art “A New Way of Thinking!”
You can find him every day at Talaat Harab square, Downtown, with his collection that will have you standing there for ages, guaranteeing you, walking away with an antique in your hand and a smile

Thank you, for allowing me to share my wonderful inspiring experience with you.

‘Allow yourself to be inspired, by all that is around you’





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