I Could Write Wedding Vows



Something I believe to be beautiful like wedding vows are.

I Could; I Could Write Wedding Vows

I could, I would, I might

Remember just this Truth in sight:

That love could be

A perplexity

but, when in view,

Love’s the only thing

Worth remembering.


So here, there is you,

Come closer viewer

Not literally, you know of

And things – slices of life

Are viewed from here,

Sometimes as there.


Only because,

There’s love in the of

The Tea in the middle

Of all us:

Black, Green, or White

Your choise

Harsh, Light, or Precious

There are pearls to be found in the matter.


Though a Wanderer I be,

Explorer is more accurate,

When to be is chosen from Become.

A chora at that,

Plato’s pre-b, an at.

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