Sweet Sorrow



/ loss/ grief

Sometimes life is sad.

I let it slip so deep inside — settle right into my bones

And now those bones are crushed beyond repair

I am torn apart in places I didn’t know could tear

A choice of broke or numb, and now I’m broken

All my days I’ve known this burning; it’s the furnace of my soul

And I poured it out before you, my secret song

But the heat inside my soul made me brittle instead of strong

You left me hanging, and I’m barely hanging on

There is fracture and a healing at the very same time

The dearest thing I’ve ever known is lost to me

I forfeited a love that could hold this pain in balance

Now I drink it in — this sweet, sweet sorrow

There is much left to pronounce, but the words are out of reach

I’ve got a heartache beyond the scope of any tears

May the darkened dreamland keep me from awakening again

Sweet sorrow poison to escape relentless fear

Drink it deeply now — this sweet, sweet sorrow

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