Anna Oakfield



About a girl who fought her battles

Beautiful as the night sky,

The child who was most fortunate,

Than all the rest,

But she held a secret.


Crying inside,

It was all a dream,

The hatred she received each day and day,

Her family was to blame,

Her friends was fake,

The time had stopped.


She dreamed a prince to her rescue,  

But a troll came instead, 

Led her to the poison lands,

Where her brother was laid to rest,

For he also had the same deed as her.


Her hair tangled in a mess,

Her palms sweaty and her knees weak,

Whispered a song that she was desired,

The words flowed through her head,

Like a soft breeze moving through her.


But she had no fate,

She was destroyed from inside,

Her heart torn out of her,

The vicious dreams sitting in her mind,

The tug of war she was a part off,

For she now is ruined,



Left to rot.


Now that was Anna's Oakfields story,

Eventually laid to rest.


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