Love No More



A man thinking about love lost and how walking away is the only thing to do even though love is still there.

Oh how their joyous love no more was

Ploys to avoid and excuses played too often

Busy here and filling time she without him

He had not wanted this untimely pause


Kisses no more butterfly lingering

Late night chats became an inconvenience

Always now disappeared and gone forever

A love heart of layers deadening  


Beating only for basic existence

Electric grazes now painfully static

A hollow ghost reflection looks back 

Feet scraping an obligatory dance


Hot salt tears sting woeful eyes

He has no choice but to walk away

And to forcefully from his mind to erase

Those pages of destructive lies


And as the months are ever mounting

The pain does not at all subside

He knows deeply how he loves her still

Her name his pulse rhythmic counting


But living without her learn he must

For it was she who took their love

Crystal crushing and far scattering

He accepts his longing for her to untrust


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