The Night Sky



This poem is lyrics for the text to my song "Filled with Vanilla" where the moon is described as a 'white truffle (filled with vanilla)' "Words paint pictures as music paints feelings and together they create magic" -D. Toradze

The Wind is howling upon the trees 

The branches tangle as the leaves sing

The trees wrestle against the wind 

The leaves float softly towards the moon 

As they gently float away 


And the moon colors the sky 

Like a white truffle filled with vanilla 

As the stars glitter like spring rain

They fill the sky with a twinkling rhythm 

And melodically they harmonize together 


And the stars fill the night sky 

As the moon shimmers in reply: 

"The night is cold and I'll illuminate the sky."

As the leaves dance upon the open wind 

So tender they float like birds 

In open air as if they have wings to fly 


And the wind whistles upon the waves

As they crash upon the shore 

The waters wrestle against themselves 

To entertain the sandy encore.


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