No Words



Because sometimes, there really aren't any words...



How do I love thee?

Shall I compare thee?

Many questions in love are asked.


I have counted the ways,

I've compared Summer's days,

And still every word your surpass.


There are no words to describe 

That look in your eyes

Of passion, excitement and trust.


There is no painting that could portray 

The beauty of you,

Or your light, inside and out.


There is no song that can move me

Like the sound of you

Calling me “Wife” and saying, “forever”.


There is no photo that could capture

The essence of you,

Your intelligence, sparkle and mind.


How do I love thee?

Shall I compare thee?

I shouldn’t try, as words aren’t enough.


Yet you continue to inspire me,

Words pour out of me,

But still, no words can describe this love.

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