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12/11/2016 Five poems; Call to arms/Elijah, Myself into darkness, I am left weak, Promise, The Rooster and the Hen

Call to arms/Elijah


To me!

The rally call!

From over the horizon they come


their love flowing before them

like the red sea crashing down,

like rushing wind through leaves.

Like blood.

These faces,

small and round,

dark-eyed and mine,

ever mine.

How I love them!


To me!

The rally call!

Silent, in my mind,

my voice screams,

where is he?

Where is he?

So many facsimiles,

so many tiny bodies.

Where is he?

Where is he?

-and he is there,

beside me as he always was.

Asleep on my lap

like a kitten,

curled up on my arm,

face in my palm...


...and my love washes over him...


and he is mine,

as he always was. 




Myself into darkness


To me!

The rally call!

...and it echoes in an empty cavern,

my shout become a whisper,

my scream waning,

my breath weakens.

To me!

The rally call!




I am left weak 


Once I was a bull,

I was Hercules,

I was Zeus and the Elements.

I was fire and rage

and the tempest feared me.

Now I am feeble.

Age and inactivity gradually

ate away at my reserves...


I look back to discover

they have all deserted me,

on to greener pastures they sing

as they disappear over the hill,

their wide backs fading

their voices strong,

as they sing for themselves

and forget I ever existed.






Once this was how it was:


These words of steel,

forged in my heart.

If I gave them to you

you knew I kept a copy for myself

written in soul,

cloistered and archived; safe.


Once this was how it was.


These diamonds,

I handed them out like confetti,

I threw them and they flew into the air

and rained down on you

like glitter in a jar for the awe in your child eyes.

You never knew that I had counted every one.


Once this was how it was.




The Rooster and the Hen


He chases her

and she runs,

she runs,

oh how she runs!

Her legs,

fast as they are,

are not fast enough,

she wills them on,

harder and harder,

harder and harder...

And he is on her,

pinning her down,

entering her,

over and over...

...and she is helpless...




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