The mirth. My whole girth and nothing much of worth.



I'm creating a brain painting. Mind if I use your cranium as medium?


 Imagine one day, you woke far away from your world and the who that wore you

and happened upon remote forest and lea where life swirled of a pulchritude true.

Under skylight abounding an emotional grounding and bounding of soul so few new.

The silence astounding in an all natural surrounding with a heart pounding beauty that grew.


 You've time without measure yet, each moment's a treasure and pressure's the weatherman's tease.

There's work and there's leisure but, chores outdoors are pleasure and the rest sure does come with great ease.

Your mind's re-aligned, unconfined nor defined and uncensured as a breath in the breeze

and you find you're inclined, if not blindly resigned, to pen prose or play flute in the trees!


 Your eyes sweep the skies, stars and universe, while your heart takes a hyper-scoot leap

soaring miles beyond, your own smarts and upon, an "event horizon" then your flight suit's in deep!

You fell into a squirm hole not far from Saturn and entered the cosmos's keep.

Welcome to the "First church of what's left of Earth", now, wake up and go back to sleep!

Thanks! You okay?








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