A Tribute To Slender Man



Just thought i would write a poem on one of the most feared legends in history.

Roaming the woods in the dead of night
When people see you, they get one hell of a fright
They try to run, they quicken their pace
From the man dressed in black, the man with no face

When they see you, there is no turning back
These are your woods, and you will attack
You are the stuff of legends, the stuff of dreams
When people see you, you can hear their screams

Where did you come from, why do you show
Maybe an alien? Well, nobody knows
Everyone would like an answer, to why you are here
But everytime they see you, they disappear

People stay home because they are wary
They know that the woods are pretty damn scary
With you roaming around in your black suit and tie
You're one scary dude, that nobody can deny

You're seen around the globe, in many different places
In many different forms and many different faces
But the face that holds true, the one to beware
Is the one with no face, the one with the blank stare

You're revered and feared all at the same time 
To talk of you on the street, well that would be a crime
So this is for you, ol' Slendy my man
Keep on scaring these folks, 'cause I know thats your plan.

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